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a qualified tester.

Test the latest market products at home, 
under laboratory conditions.

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I’m amazed by the quality of this phone because it’s quite simple, I’ve never seen one so powerful, both in terms of power and technical capabilities. It’s a little jewel of technology that can easily compete with the best smartphones.

Extract from a review submitted on 09/03/2023 for the product Xiamo 13


You can test 
a thousand products once, 
but you can't 
give your opinion 
a thousand times. 


I noticed after about 10 uses that my lashes were a bit fuller and they seem to be more resistant and shiny. I am now waiting to see the work of time and hope that the effects will be even stronger!

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Extract from a review submitted on 16/11/2020 for the product Prevage Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum

At Aviquali, you are only asked for one review for one product on one Website.
But this opinion must be sufficiently well-founded and authentic 
to enable a consumer  
to decide whether to buy it 
or not.

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Enter the new era of online product recommendation.

The only thing we expect from a tester 
is an independent, honest and authentic 
opinion, so that consumers can always spend money more sensibly. Aviquali is an Afnor NF-ISO 20-488 certified organisation for collecting and moderating reviews. 

Joining us is as easy as ABC

ancre devenir
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1. I subscribe to Aviquali.

I apply for the products I am interested in 
by answering the questions 
I am asked 
and writing 
a motivation.  

2. The product 
is delivered 
to my home.

I test it 
thoroughly as per 
Aviquali's instructions, 
so that I can experience 
the full promise of the product. 

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3. I submit 
a sincere and honest
review in due time.

The quality 
and authenticity 
of reviews are
 Aviquali's priority.

Extract from a review submitted on 26/03/2023 for the book Dis-moi que tout ira bien* 

*Tell me everything will be alright 

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At Aviquali, we have no friends,
we only have interests.

At Aviquali, anyone can apply for a test, but only testers who have written well-founded and honest reviews, submitted on time, will be eligible to test other products. 

Try it, 
and you will love it!

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Accustomed to product testing?
Forget everything you know.

Join our mentored testing programme, 
designed to create unique, accurate, truthful and 
argued content. Are you ready to become an expert tester?

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